What is delta-wing flight?


If you are a person who has always had the desire to fly, then perhaps the delta-wing flight is just what you are looking for to fulfill the challenge and feel the experience of your dreams.

There are different reasons why people may be interested in flying, which can vary from the fact that it is a simple hobby, to the need to perform it professionally or even as a sporadic act of feeling the fusion of one with nature and with air, being completely free flying like birds.

If you have always wanted to feel the sensation more similar to a  flying bird, there is no doubt that flying in hang gliding is one of the best options available, so in this article we want to talk about this modality and the experience that you can feel inside.


A delta wing is a glider that can be transported, taken off and landed using only the pilot’s legs.

In this way, it is a sport in which the different ascending currents of the air have to be to make the most of it. It also uses the same principles as any other aircraft, so we can see a sail that is supported by the main structure, where the pilot is suspended by means of a harness and with a laying position.

Given all of the above, it is clear that of all the inventions that can help men fly, even for a moment, the delta wing represents one of the greatest personal challenges that anyone can overcome. This sport allows the pilot to feel great freedom when in the air.

It is a glider that is built by two different types of wings: rigid or flexible.

The flexible wings of the delta wing are usually the most used internationally, as these do not have a very high cost and have a composition that is based on aeronautical aluminum tubes or carbon fibers. These are joined by braided steel cables and some screws, rematches and nuts, so that the delta wing is well configured. The entire structure is covered by the candle, which is responsible for allowing the pilot to plan and have one of the best experiences of his life.


As mentioned above, the flight in hang glider starts on foot, from a hill or a mountain, causing the descent of the sail to be filled with air in order to form a chamber that has sufficient support strength in order to reduce the descent in delta wing.

In order for a team to be considered as a delta wing, it is necessary that it can be shown that with it can be taken off and landed completely safely and with a wind speed against that is equal to or less than 1m/s.

In case the delta wing is flying in an upward air stream, then it will be necessary for the pilot to make the most of it in order to stay in the air for a long time, during which he will be able to perform a large amount of aerial acrobatics.

The delta wing can reach a higher height thanks to the thermal air masses, which are hot air bubbles that are generated when the sun heats the ground.

In this way, it is important to keep in mind that the delta wing can only fly when a draft is passing through its surface, giving it enough speed so that it can maintain an angle with that air current. This angle is known as “angle of incidence”, which is of great importance for the free flight technique used in the delta wing.

The delta wing is unable to develop a higher speed than 80 km/h, and it should always take into account the climate and geography of the place from which the practice will take place.


Now let’s review the different delta wing categories that can be found available:


This kind of delta wing has a “flexible” primary rigid structure, where the pilot is responsible for exercising control over displacement using its weight.

In this type of delta wing secondary controls are allowed for adjustment and adjustment, as long as they are operated symmetrically on both planes.

The candle they have is made of fabrics made of plastic materials that are extremely resistant to erosion, deterioration and stresses that are produced during their folding.


The Class 2 Delta Wing has a rigid primary structure, which also has moving aerodynamic surfaces in order to be able to control it on any axis.

This kind of wing has a higher rigidity compared to Class 1, so it has a higher price. Within this class you can find the Swifts, which are in the market for a short time but have gained great popularity.

Now you know what a delta-wing flight consists of and what are the different modalities that can be found.

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