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Hawk's Flight


Altitude 800m

Flying over Adeje, Tenerife South

Flight is 15-25 minutes long

Price: € 90 (€ 85 online)

*FREE Hotel pick up and drop off

Falcon Flight


Altitude 1100m

Flying over Adeje, Tenerife South

Flight is 15-25 mins long

Price: € 115 (€ 110 online)

*FREE Hotel pick up and drop off

Falcon's Extra Flight


Altitude 1100m

Flying over Adeje, Tenerife South

Flight is 30-40 mins long

Price: € 135 (€ 130 online)

*FREE Hotel pick up and drop off

Eagle's Flight


Altitude 2200m

Flying over Teide National Park

Flight is 40 minutes long

Price: € 170 (€ 165 online)

*FREE Hotel pick up and drop off



A dream to come true:


Tandem paragliding in tenerife offers the opportunity to experience the feeling of overfly the island like a bird. Our professional team of pilots will sail you through the most beautiful skies and the best beaches in tenerife, while you enjoy your adventure, any time of the year.

Why Choose Us

We are fun!

Our team is energetic - always excited to fly!

We can do group flights for up to 6 people. 

During the flight you will get a tour of your surroundings by your pilot.

We Fly Safe!

We are professional pilots with many years of flying experience on the island.

Our equipment is regularly renewed, carefully selected, reviewed and approved by certifying companies.

We Care!

We will pick you up and drop you off at your home/hotel.

You can take photos of our Tenerife activities with your own camera.

We will make HD video of your flight, if you decide to buy it later.


Roque H

I really liked the experience, at first I was a little scared, but as we started flying all doubt disappeared. It is an experience that everyone should try. Highly recommended for all ages !!!!!

Jose Garcia Morales

An incredible flight, inexplicable feelings, great treatment, and an experience you will never forget, I will do it again ... Thank you!  

Sandra Hernández Sánchez

An experience not at all expected, at first was very scared and was not sure, but when I collected and put myself in his hands, I began to feel secure and confident. A fantastic team. Jaime, my pilot, explained everything clearly and it was all very simple. Lift off nothing more then couple steps and you're flying, and once in the air, it felt good. A skywalk. I felt no fear anymore. The truth is - it's an incredible experience. Top Paragliding Tenerife thanks for making my day perfect. I will repeat for sure.

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Tandem paragliding is a heavenly experience of flying like a bird. No experience is necessary. A pilot, while sitting behind you, will do all the work, and you just sit back, relax and enjoy the view.
Most people are afraid of heights. Fear is an apprehension of the unknown. There is no free falling or jumping off cliffs during paragliding take off. The launches and landings are slow and gentle. Once in the air, most people are surprised by how quiet and peaceful the experience is. It is not scary at all.
Statistically, paragliding is as safe as driving. Paragliders that we use, are very stable. They are designed to recover quickly in the odd event of glider collapse. In general, paragliding is a very safe activity.
From 8 to 108 – pretty much anyone can enjoy Tandem Paragliding flight. Even people with disabilities or in the wheelchair, can go for a flight and experience the joy of Paragliding.
Any person weighing up to 100 kg can enjoy the flight.
Shoes with closed toes. Clothes depending on weather conditions.
As Tenerife enjoys some of the best weather in Spain we can fly most days of the year.
Absolutely. Simply contact us with your request and we will provide you with a named gift certificate.



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One of the disciplines that had been most affected by the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic was paragliding, as it is a sport where many people gather to have a good time in the heights. However, one of the best news that has been received in 2021 is that in October the international paragliding concentration will be held in El Hierro. On this magnificent island we will be able to see many paragliders share this discipline and exchange moments with others passionate about this sport.

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What is the polar in paragliding?

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Simply put, we can say that polar curves serve to calculate the minimum sinking speed of the glider, as well as the support of resistance and speed. But throughout this article we will take care of explaining everything you need to know about it.

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