The international paragliding concentration of El Hierro is approaching

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The international paragliding concentration of El Hierro is approaching

One of the disciplines that had been most affected by the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic was paragliding, as it is a sport where many people gather to have a good time in the heights. However, one of the best news that has been received in 2021 is that in October the international paragliding concentration will be held in El Hierro. On this magnificent island we will be able to see many paragliders share this discipline and exchange moments with others passionate about this sport.

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Here's a little more about what this interesting event is and how you can participate in it.

El Hierro revives its paragliding tradition

One of the most renowned international gatherings was paragliding in El Hierro. Since 1995 this Canary Island had brought millions of experts and paragliding enthusiasts to its  territory. However, during 2020 and due to the growing wave of COVID-19, the realization of such a long-awaited paragliding encounter had been paralyzed.

However, for our luck everything changed this year, as it has been decided to hold a meeting of paragliding fans on the Island of El Hierro. This meeting will take place between 9 and 12 October, in order to bring together various experts in this discipline at the international level.

They will have the presence of experts from various countries, such as England, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, etc., with which paragliders and fans of the various modalities can share their exhibitions, championships and even talks on different topics of interest to attendees.

What kind of events can we contemplate?

This year they will have various events aimed at reviving the paragliding spirit of El Hierro worldwide, demonstrating that even in difficult times, extraordinary things can be achieved, but always having the necessary security. To this end, the collaboration and participation of the Cabildo de El Hierro and Club Guelillas, which have created three important disciplines, has been counted on:

The Canarian League Championship

A small event, developed within the course of the international paragliding concentration. From El Hierro, all those paragliding lovers who consider that they have enough skills to compete, can participate in this interesting tournament. To do this, they will have to register for the organization of the event in advance.

Acrobatic paragliding exhibition

It gives us a slightly more artistic look at what paragliding is and how we can make different thematic presentations with it. To do this, a  group of paragliders from El Hierro will make their presentation on the island and anyone inthe surroundings will be able to see it without any problem. Therefore, you don't have to worry, you don't need to be enrolled in the event to watch it, however, it wouldn't hurt if you signed up just in case. So you can see it with better quality.

Landing and precision championship

Not everything in the world of paragliding is speed. In this case, we will be able to witness a championship aimed at the accuracy of the pilot, where the one that is most accurate with its landing will berewarded, taking into account the position and the place where they land. For this event you do need to be able to register, as this way you can see with all the possible quality the landing.

Tandem flights

If you are a lover of the world of paragliding, but you have not yet become a pilot, you can try flying on tandem flight. On it, you will have the opportunity to fly with an experienced paraglider. So you'll have the experience of being in the air for a flight in hands of the best in the area.

25 years of paragliding in El Hierro are commemorated

This year is not only special because of the reopening of the great  event of paragliding in El Hierro, but also, because it is the commemoration of its 25th anniversary. To do so, they have decided to celebrate it at the top. Not only will they have the traditional exhibition and competition they had during previous years, but they will also have new surprises like the hot air balloon display. In fact, the island will be filled with them to commemorate this important date for Canary paragliding.  

Currently, more than 180 paragliding professionals are enrolled, who have decided to participate in both competitions, exhibitions and even the general organization of the event. Therefore, there is a lot to make everything look great. In fact, so many paragliders have decided to register, the amount expected for this year has been oversteerned.

With this great event, it is intended to show all foreigners the beauty and warm welcome that the Island of El Hierro has to offer, fostering encounters throughout it and getting the events to every corner of El Hierro. You can't miss it.