What to do in Tenerife

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What to do in Tenerife

This is one of the most frequent questions that our clients ask us after trying their paragliding flight in Tenerife.

Our team is always more than happy to help make your vacation on the island as entertaining as possible and that is why we are going to create a list of places that we recommend visiting. All of them with car access:


Masca is a place with spectacular views where you can disconnect from the typical tourist areas of the island and enter an unusual place where you can admire a very steep terrain full of ravines and cliffs..

This place is also ideal for hiking along the bottom of the ravine to the coast. You have to be a bit fit as it takes several hours to get to the coast and, if you haven't booked your boat pick-up from the beach, you have to walk back up.

Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/j7APvdSi53kjJJpD7


Los Gigantes:

Named after the great cliffs that end directly in the ocean on the northwest of the island. They are spectacular views that you cannot miss on your visit to Tenerife. They can be seen both by land and by water if you hire a boat trip or kayak tour.

Without a doubt, it is an impressive place to visit alone, as a couple or with the family.

Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/cpSxC2FMtF5dk9776

Los Gigantes



It is a protected natural area in the northeast of the island with lots of vegetation and ideal for hiking.

The laurel forests characterize this place full of charm and tranquility. It can be reached by car but the ideal is to enter through some of its walks enabled by the town hall.

Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/N3YCYkQ7VwWoMu7t8



Water parks:

If you are looking for a little more action, there are also several water parks on the island where you can get your adrenaline pumping or relax in their pools. Both located in Costa Adeje, south of Tenerife.

  • Aqualand: Focused more on families since some of its attractions are smoother and they have many pools for children. They also have a huge Jacuzzi with bubbles and a dolphin show.
  • Siam Park: Listed on TripAdvisor as the number one in the world in water parks. It is a huge park to have fun and spend the whole day full of adrenaline.

Aqualand - Costa Adeje


Parque nacional del Teide:

This park is undoubtedly the place in Tenerife that you should not miss. A park full of tongues of badlands and volcanoes. Located from about 2000 meters high to 3718 meters at the top of Teide.

It is also possible to climb to the top of Teide with permits that must be requested in advance.

Our ‘’Eagle’’ paragliding flight starts from the edge of this park at 2200 meters. What makes this flight an incredible experience to contemplate the park from the air.

Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/KTUWAVmxL4HcUV6c6

Parque nacional del Teide



If you want to know a little about the history of Tenerife, you have to visit Garachico, a historic town with a lot of charm.

Formerly it was the place where the main port of Tenerife was located, before a volcanic eruption that buried much of this area.

In the place you will find a historic town, natural pools and an area where you can walk along the seashore along with some good restaurants.

Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/3CViGoXv8NB3Y41BA




Hidden place in the south of Tenerife, a protected natural area at the beginning of many trails that are very common among locals.

From this area you can see spectacular sunsets and also eat at its Canarian food restaurants.

At this point we also have the takeoff of the ‘’Falcon’’ flight from about 1100 meters.

Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/uRXEoBfYMT67bQqB7