How to fly safely in a paraglider?


Suppose you are planning to fly a paraglider. In that case, it is crucial to consider tips that will help you have a better experience, especially if you have little experience or are just starting to be interested in this activity.

So, know everything there is to keep in mind to guide you while learning to paraglide and guarantee a great experience no matter if someone accompanies you. In any case, it is inevitable that the moment will be unique and that you will not be able to live in any other way.


Before going into details about the tips you should take into account, you must mention two things you cannot leave out. This is crucial to get a pleasant experience if it is your first time doing it: travel strategy and attitude.


The first thing you have is the right attitude and desire to have an enjoyable time while paragliding. Because if you do this activity only because someone else suggests it, you may not enjoy it.

Also, you may be in the air and want to land immediately. Still, it may also be so harmonious that you don’t want it to end at any moment—your predisposition at the moment of learning the risks of paragliding influences how you live the experience.

It would help if you had a positive mindset while learning to paraglide. In addition, you must give importance to the physical and psychological level before starting the activity.


Whether you want to paraglide as a couple, you should remember to select clothes for paragliding. Likewise, you must establish the route according to the terrain orography, weather conditions, and airspace limitations.

It is necessary to take precautions to fly according to your experience. Then, once the route for paragliding has been established, you should only go as fast as others. On the contrary, move forward smoothly to enjoy the moment and anticipate pitfalls.

It is essential to note that in Tenerife, you can choose between the Falcon, Falcon, or Eagle flight. They are planned to consider all the factors listed above.


It is natural to feel fear when using a paraglider with a parachute, especially the first time you do it and don’t know what to expect in the experience. You have to lose the fear, although you must be careful not to go beyond the point of being careless.

Always pay attention to the inner voice you possess and be critical of your abilities. If one day you don’t feel physically well or your motivation is too low, the best thing to do is to give up paragliding and leave it for another day.

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