Flying in paragliding is a totally unique experience. Have you ever dreamed of the feeling of flying? If so, you should know that you have the opportunity to enjoy, with tandem paragliding, an adventure marked by adrenaline and emotion.

The activity is carried out in the company of great professionals who have been doing these totally unique flights for years. You will be able to observe the island of Tenerife from the skies, appreciating its beaches, natural landscapes and the Teide National Park, which has the highest peak in Spain. Our mission is to guarantee safety at all time, so you can enjoy one of the best moments of your life without any concerns.

We will make it really easy from start to finish! Go for it, book the flight that best suits your taste and let yourself go on this thrilling adventure that you will remember for a life.

The best experience of your life, thanks to Tenerife Top Paragliding!




109,99€/ per person

The flight from Taucho is the most basic between all the options we have. The duration of this flight is between 15 and 20 minutes, depending on weather conditions. The adventure begins when we take off from 800 meters and fly between ravines and mountains, passing through the small town of La Quinta and Adeje village. Most of the times we land on the beach of La Enramada, located in La Caleta, but it will depend on the weather conditions.



129,99€/ per person

This flight option has more charm. The takeoff is from a protected natural area, located at about 1100 meters of altitude. The flight will be over the town of Adeje and Fañabe. On this occasion, the duration is also approximately 15 – 25 minutes. In this case, we also try to land on the beach in La Caleta, although that will depend on the weather conditions.



149,99€/ per person

This is the best option for those who want to enjoy a longer flight in Adeje. Once we have taken off at 1100 meters, we will fly for 30-40 minutes between mountains and ravines, then towards the ocean over Adeje and Fañabe. An unforgettable experience. To finish the adventure, we land on the beach of La Enramada, although it will depend on the weather conditions.



199,99€/ per person

This is one of the best flying experiences we offer. Flying over Izaña is very different from the other options. If you want to enjoy incredible views of the Teide National Park, this is the best option for you. The takeoff will be carried out from 2200 meters high, descending slowly to the coast, which would be approximately 40 minutes. Depending on the weather conditions, we will land in El Puerto de la Cruz or El Puertito de Güimar.


The island of Tenerife is one of the paradises on earth. Here you can enjoy, in addition to a paragliding session, incredible beaches and a unique nature in the world. Live this adventure in full and get to know every corner of this island.


In Tenerife Top Paragliding we really care for you to have a complete and unforgettable experience. In addition, we want it to be as safe as possible at all time. Therefore, these are the main reasons to choose us.



Our team is energetic, with a great spirit on every flight. We carry out flights in groups of up to 6 people. In addition, during the flight you will receive a tour of the surroundings by your pilot.



We are a very professional company, with many years of experience doing paragliding. Our team is renewed periodically, being carefully selected, reviewed and approved by specific companies.



We care about you at all time. We take care of pickup and drop-off at your hotel. You will be able to take pictures from your own camera throughout the flight.

we capture your moment


We capture your flight in FHD with our latest generation cameras so you can have your memory (optional 30€)


Thank you for flying with us!

We hope you had a great time and would like to hear from your experience with us.

Please share your thoughts, or give us your feedback:

– How was your experience flying with us?

– What do you think could improve your experience?

-Do you have any questions for us?

Thank you! We hope to see you very soon again with us!

Geri Donald

James and Johnny were amazing guys. They were easy to connect with and as it was my first time paragliding, I have to say the lads made my experience AMAZING and worthwell. Also it was my birthday and one to remember. Before take off, I thought there was going to be this long health and safety risks. No, it’s straight to the flight, no time to feel nervous, paragliding it like flowing on the clouds, the experience is like no other and I’m excited to return and do the higher flight with James and Johnny. If your willing to try it I highly recommend Tenerife Top Paragling. They made me feel safe, excited and they made the flight enjoyable. Thanks again for everything.

Olga Myagkay a

All experience was super nice! Starting from the confirmation of the booking to the drop off atmy hotel. Not all companies here will pick you up directly from your hotel, this was nice addition to the journey. Guys stayed in touch few days before the flight, all was planned, all wasin time and organized professionally. The flight experience was super nice! Unfortunately, we couldnt make the eagle flight dew to the weather conditions, but 1100m long flight also was super great and beautiful! For sure will do this again! 100% recommended! It will be your best view on the Tenerife! 😉

Shreena Kaur

Managed to get a very last minute booking to do the 30 minute paragliding experience and it was incredible! Everything happened on time, we were given a full briefingand had an amazing flight! Definitely the high light of our trip! I couldnt recommend enough.

Frank Smith

Unbelievable experience absolutely loved it. The views were fantastic !! Definitely recommendthese guys. A big thank you. Love to do it againsee you next time James !!

Franzi niederhagemann

It was an amazing experience from start to finish.

We got picked up on time, and the pilots/guides were nice and funny.

Always had a very safe feeling during the flight and before the flight as well. They even provided us with jackets because although it was 27 degrees, up there in the air its a little bit chilly.

All in all a perfect experience and to very fair conditions!

Phil Shakespeare

Unbelievable experience, huge highlight of our holiday, such anamazing way to see the resort, such a rush and yet so relaxing all at the same time. The communication was 1st class, suchfriendly guys, very informative on the way down, pointing out various points of interest. Worth every penny, I cannot praise highly enough.


We know that you may have some question left in the air. Here are some of the frequently asked questions our customers ask us:

What is tandem paragliding?

For those who are not yet clear about what tandem paragliding consists of, this is a sports and recreational activity that consists of flying using a paraglider of specialized design, which is known as ‘wing’.  The main difference with traditional skydiving is that the paragliding wing is inflatable and has a flexible structure composed of internal cells, which are filled with air to provide stability, creating a wing profile designed to fly, and not to stop the fall, as is the case with parachutes.

This experience starts from takeoff, starting in areas with gentle and constant winds, in areas such as slopes or hills, which prepares the wing and deploys it. Our pilots will inflate the wing capturing the wind, then race downhill to gain speed and soar into the air. Our team will be in charge at all times of perfectly controlling the direction and speed of the flight, to make it an incredible experience, but totally safe.

Is paragliding scary?

One of the fears that more people have is the fear of heights. This fear can be defined as an apprehension of that which is unknown. During paragliding there are no free falls or cliff jumps during takeoff. This means that there are no impressions of falling or vertigo.

In addition, paragliding takeoffs and landings stand out for being slow and smooth. During all these years that we have done paragliding, we have been able to see how most people are surprised by how calm and peaceful the experience is. The fear occurs before the experience begins, but then changes to the tranquility and excitement of feeling that you are flying.

How safe is it to fly a tandem paraglider?

This is one of the main questions that many of our customers ask us before embarking on the experience. The truth is that statistically paragliding is as safe as driving by car. In addition, these teams are designed to recover quickly in the event of a small collapse. It is usually a safe activity, where you will only have to relax and enjoy.

Is there an age limit? And weight?

The truth is that paragliding is made for any type of people. From 6 years to 108 years you can carry out this activity. In addition, people with disabilities and in wheelchairs will also be able to come to fly and experience the joy of this activity.

In the case of weight, there would be some restriction, since people who exceed 100 kg will not be able to enjoy this flight, for safety reasons.

What should I wear?

The recommended clothing to fly in tandem paragliding will depend a little on the weather conditions of the area. Of course, it is important to always wear closed shoes, no matter what the weather.

At what times of year can you fly paragliding in Tenerife?

We love to tell you that thanks to the fact that Tenerife enjoys incredible weather conditions, you can fly in tandem paragliding almost every day of the year.

Why choose us to live your first paragliding experience?

Are you planning to paraglide for the first time? Tenerife Top Paragliding is the best option for you to live this experience to the fullest. We have enough experience in the sector, so that our service is provided by a professional and trained team to guarantee the safety of each of our clients during the flight. You can live the quiet experience, enjoying the adrenaline, feeling that you are flying, in a totally safe environment.

We are the best option to carry out your first paragliding flight, since we put at your disposal everything you need to carry out this activity, with total safety. We have high quality material and instructors with great experience in this sport. These will know how to guide you and feel comfortable to make it an unforgettable experience.

Paragliding is an extreme adventure sport, as we have said before, which must be done very carefully. Our mission will be to guide you throughout the process, especially the most novices, so that you always remember this experience.

How can I buy a Gift Voucher?

You should only contact us when you go to make the request. We will provide you with a personalized gift voucher.